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                          INSTRUCTIONS FOR STL FILE UPLOAD

1. Check Scans have complete and clear dentition.
An ideal scan will include key anatomical structures including the palate, hamular notches, retro molar pads and approx  5-10mm of surrounding tissue.

2. Complete our Lab Request Form.
Please include practice name, patients name, type of request and when the work is due back to your practice.

3. Upload .STL files and Lab Request Form.
Select files from your desktop and add to our Dropbox quickly and securely using the upload button below. An email will be recieved on our end to confirm the file was succussfully transferred.


SCANS are preferred for most modern techniques using 3D printing such as those used for;  Clear Aligners, Clear Retainers, Bonded wires, Bleaching stints, Printed Splints and Sintered Appliances.

SCANS can also be used reliably for many other orthodontic appliances that only require wire and laser welding such as Banded expanders, Lingual arches and Habit guards.

IMPRESSIONS are often more practical and preferred for many "old school" techniques such as those that use the  "salt and pepper" technique used for many Polymethyl methacrylate PMMA appliances. In particular Functional appliances that require articulation such as; Twin-blocks, Bonded Hyrax expanders & Bionators.
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