Reposition your patients teeth gradually and predictably
with a series of clear aligners.
There's no doubt patients love the idea of avoiding full braces.
RESET TEETH Gradually by increments and make a sequential clear aligner to the new dental alignment in stages. We can formulate these movements specifically to your instructions and treatment strategy.
Send your next clear aligner case together with our lab request form. Please detail your goals, limitations and expected number of aligners.
Our aligners are organised and neatly packaged ready to give to your patient. Patient and clinical instructions enclosed.
To assist your treatment plan
we can return an estimate before commencing aligners.
How to prescribe
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ATTACHMENTS Using strategic placed shapes to assist retention and tooth movements we can ensure a more successful treatment. We'll supply a bonding template to be used before placing the first aligner.

INTERPROXIMAL REDUCTION (IPR) To assist you before fitting the aligners, we will include a guide indicating the required IPR with the packaged clear aligners.
Information for dental professionals